Saturday, September 18, 2010


We wondered into Target today for something totally unrelated and came out with a ton of new materials!
The dollar bin was having a 75% off special on brown dot items, we scored flash cards, mini white boards with letters, shapes, colours, days of the week and numbers, colouring/activity books and some letter books for 25cents each!

I also bought a new printer today to print out our templates.

In addition to two preschool homeschool books we have a lot of things to work with!

Plus; markers, crayons, chalk, scissors, glue, glitter, stickers, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, googly eyes, construction paper, playdough, paints and magnet letters.

We will also be using materials from my new favorite blogsite, thanks to my friend Steph for sharing!
Confessions of a Homeschooler
I have downloaded and began to print out her templates...this weekend I WILL be organized and set up our lesson plans! (Check back Monday for those!)
This is our calendar, we go over days of the week, what month it is and everyday change over our "day".

This is another one of our daily activities, we go through the whole alphabet and numbers to fill our board each day! I have noticed each day she is recognizing more and more letters on her own!

Our current corner of supplies, from art stuff too books, computer programs, and playdough! In the next week I will be adding a desk to this area to give us more space for our supplies and an area for Mummy to be organized!

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